Past Events


Dr. Greg Wray, Duke “Adaptation and mismatch during the evolution of the human diet”

Student trip to the “Secret World Inside You” microbiome exhibit at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Dr. Jonathan Parr, UNC, evolution of the HRP2 gene deletion, and its implications for malaria detection, treatment, and policy.

Dr. Dennis Ko, Duke, “Human genetic variation regulating infection and inflammation”

Dr. Jorge Piedrahita, NCSU, “Transgenics in Research & Medicine”

Dr. Tony Goldberg, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Scary Viruses, Killer Tapeworms, and Nostril Ticks: Unanticipated Adventures in One Health”

Drs. Teresa DeFrancesco & Kate Meurs, NCSU, “ARVC: A Fatal Inherited Cardiac Disease of Both People and Dogs”

Dr. Steve Meshnick, UNC, “The Emergence and Eradication of Infectious Diseases”

Dr. David Dorman, NCSU “Manganese Pharmacokinetics: From Laboratory to Risk Assessment”

Dr. Paula Cray, NCSU, “Antimicrobial Resistance: Debates, Complexity, and Decisions”

Drs. Lola Hudson & Karen Muñana, NCSU, “Comparative Neurology: How Can Companion Animals Be Used to Advance Our Understanding of Neurological Disease?”

Dr. William Parker, Duke, “Resolving Evolutionary Mismatches that Undermine Immune Function in Western Society: The Path to Effectively Treating and Preventing Common Allergic, Autoimmune, and Neuropsychiatric Disorders”

Dr. Charles Nunn, Duke, “Shining Evolutionary Light on Mammalian Sleep Disorders”