Our mission: To connect students, faculty, and colleagues from a diverse background of disciplines in order to apply evolutionary biology, ecology, and Darwinian concepts to health and medicine.

We research, discuss, and explore:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Cancer biology
  • Drug resistance
  • Life history theory and stress
  • Zoonotic diseases
  • Anatomy
  • Obesity & metabolic diseases
  • The microbiome
  • Evolutionary mismatch
  • Global public health
  • Brain sciences

Our Partners

This interest group is made possible through the generous support of the Triangle Center for Evolutionary Medicine and the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, as well as Duke University, The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, and North Carolina Central University.

We would like to thank Dr. Charlie Nunn, Director of TriCEM, for his guidance, enthusiasm, and support.